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Ambassador's Cup 2022

It is the pleasure of The Danish Go Association and Copenhagen Go Club to invite all Go players to Ambassador's Cup 2022. This traditional tournament will take place

February 12. - 13.

at Seidokan, Valbygårdsvej 36A, 2500 Copenhagen.
All Go players are welcome (incl. beginners).

Dansk udgave

The tournament will have 6 rounds using the Monrad (Swiss) system, with full handicap up to 9 stones.
Three rounds each day, starting Saturday at 11:00 and ending Sunday approximately at 18:00.
Registration (and payment of the entry free) must be completed before Saturday 10:45.
Time allowance: 45 min. + 20 moves/5 min.
Tournament entry fee: dkk. 100,-

On Saturday evening, there will be a dinner at a local restaurant. (This is optional and not included in the entry free.)

Please register in Copenhagen Go Club or by email: +

Registered players

Saturday 12. Feb. 10.25-10.45 Registration
11.00 1. round
14.00 2. round
16.30 3. round
ca. 19.00 Dinner
Sunday 13. Feb. 10.00 4. round
13.00 5. round
15.30 6. round
ca. 17.45 Prize giviing

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